Description of personality traits

According to Carl Jung and MBTI theorists, personality has 4 components. Personality can be defined by a combination of the following 4 personality traits from either E or I, S or N, T or F and J or P. For instance, ENTJ is a person who is pre-dominantly extrovert, intuitive, thinking and judging.

Details of the personality traits are provided below:

E - Extrovert
E people tend to gain energy from people or things around them; they recharge their batteries by being active; they are confident and assertive.

I - Introvert
I people tend to gain energy from inside themselves; they recharge their batteries by spending time alone; they are careful and good listeners.

S - Sensing
S people tend to have their feet on the ground; they are good at thinking 'inside the box’, they are practical, realistic and sensible.

N - Intuitive
N people tend to like to think about how things could be changed; they are good at thinking 'outside the box’; they are imaginative, creative and dreamers.

T - Thinking
T people tend to make decisions by doing the 'right thing’; they like fairness; they are logical, objective and honest.

F - Feeling
Fpeople tend to make decisions by considering how it will affect people; they like to be liked; they are sympathetic, friendly and caring.

J - Judging
J people tend to organise themselves; they relax once things are complete; they are logical, they get things done, they are on time and on schedule.

P - Perceiving
P people tend to be flexible; they are able to relax with things left incomplete; they are spontaneous and open-minded.

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